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Developers ra- AHEM i mean feedback


yea and now it’s super popular, even though it’s super cringe for everyone else.

Especially lbc1. Seriously, NEVER go on lbc1.


I moderate LBC1 the most… it gets weird. Seriously. Though never enough half the time for a rulebreak…


sometimes they talk about summoning demons and hell and demons in general and how they’re demons sent from the pits of hell…i am actually serious

go on lbc1 during around the middle of the day for the EST timezone if you’re willing to bare through the cringe-fest, you’ll see what I’m talking about


Omsk had about 5-8-ish people if I can recall accurately… but only like one spoke English… sooo… dunno whatever happened there. Or if it’s even a thing.


Yeah the volunteer/dev/staff communication and coordination is my biggest (and almost only) complaint about Lifeboat’s team. Half the time I have zero clue what we’re working on other than the forums side (and even then a lot of info I get is relayed from Serenity).


The only thing I’m disappointed with Lifeboat is increased concentration towards lbc and less effort towards other gamemodes. That’s all, I’m not a big fan of lbc or roleplay.

Again, this is just my personal opinion which I’m not supposed to give out. Hope you got the reference. :smiley:


Sath, you did nothing wrong. Don’t guilt yourself into thinking you did. You’re a good kid.


The only at least decent thing they’ve added in the new update are planes. The rest of the features are useless. With a boat it’s easy to accidentally drive off the map. At that point, your only two options are to wait for your hunger to decrease completely or spawn a car then fall a bit, then get out to teleport back to where you’re stuck, as you slightly move back everytime you do so until you clip back into the map…WHY ARE WE ABLE TO CLIP OUT THE MAP IN THE FIRST PLACE



I’m not supposed to give my own opinion… BUTTT

wait is this the right reference? I promise I’m not stupid


Guess I missed the memo…


I always wondered why that team existed, seems kinda random to me. Is it normal for us based Minecraft servers to have teams halfway across the world?

Man those Russians always meddling in US affairs XD Jkjk


I don’t really know, you could compare other servers but Hive is EU based iirc and I’m not too sure about the others. Frankly I can’t tell you why it exists, I have no idea what the devs are up to.


Hey, even some were even around for even longer
The Most Notable being the chest bug,
Another one which wasnt common but annoyed me was where you couldnt equip chestplates.
Neither were fixed I think…
Are beta testers helpful at all even?


The issue with the chest bug is that it tends to come back every time Minecraft puts out an update. I’m not sure why that is, but I have reported the chest bug twice and it was fixed both times.

I think we are useful in reporting bugs and other issues that need to be fixed. We just recently got the devs to make it so water/lava doesn’t flow on sm, cm and prison because people were using the water and lava to lag the servers and were flooding claimed plots on cm. I’m always on the hunt for bugs and I try to chat up players as much as I can in-game to find out about bugs they have experienced, so that I can forward that information on.

When it comes to most gamemodes we only report bugs, but we can make gamemode suggestions to Kaleb. For the games that are in beta testing (such as arcade, and block party) we can report bugs and make suggestions, which for the suggestions I usually keep an eye on suggestions made here and forward them on to the devs.

Lifeboat as a whole needs some work, but I still enjoy it and work hard to make Lifeboat better however I can.


mods : oUr dEvS wOrK vErY hArD aNd tHeY hAve MoRE imPORTanT thIngS to dO thAn rEaD a fOrum

me: what important things are they doing

mods: your post has been flagged for inappropriate content


They would be…if it didnt take 10 years for the devs to even look at the ui


It doesn‘t… When you still were in the team, it took quite long. Now, bugs get fixed quite fast. I can tell you the reason why it always took so long in a DM if you want.


All right, I have a terrible idea. Make some of the code open-source. Ofc, don’t give the whole thing away. There’s many bugs that dev’s can’t fix or just need a lot of time to fix. There’s a few dozen players who would be able to help devs fix the problem. This way, devs can fix bugs and it also could potentially help some people get into programming and learn something, there’s always a possibility.

Large corporations like Google can fix bugs easily is because they have developers who work together. Discord gets help from users to test new things out (such as Discord Canary). No one is perfect and it’s always ok to ask for help.


That is what we have the beta team for.



  1. That was too long for my tiny brain to process
  2. I do agree with you, the devs take quite a long time to fix things. But they do have their owns lives too, and we must respect that. They can’t be on 24/7, some of them are working on developing new game modes. But they definitely should work on old game modes a bit more…like CTF, the ones that users really liked. But I guess it’s their choice really