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Developers ra- AHEM i mean feedback



Ze developers on the Lifeboat Network, let me just start off by saying they’re good developers compared to other servers. They take all the resources the game gives them and use them effectively, but not effectively, thats the problem with them. They waste their time and energy on stuff we never wanted, and instead on games that die out quickly, take battle royale and the arcade for example. Then when they’re done they’re just like “ALRIGHT TIME FOR RANDOM IDEA NUMBER 64” all while barely taking to, you know, attempt to log on to a website that the company they work for owns. Imma address these points one by one, then give feedback to avoid the swarms of “I F Y O U T H I N K I T S B A D H O W S H O U L D I T I M P R O V E”

Waste of resources
Alright for this I will bully Planet X I’m sorry Brandon. Look at it, nice good looking terrain filled with nicely textured alien robots with one mission, to end you. All of this work…and it still becomes dead after a few weeks after refusal to update it. All before a few months later where they take it and now someone (either you or a friend) has to pay for you to continue the story, no wonder it died so fast! Everyone on the server got to the eternal “Zone 3 coming soon” message, then got bored and left. At the beginning you didn’t plan to make it a market place map, so what gives? Just decided to make people pay so it doesn’t look like you wasted a lot of time and effort? don’t get me started on battle royale. Here’s my suggestion: Think harder before entering that first line of code for it, will it always be fun? Will we always pay attention to it and update it? Will we not let it die out by adding interesting features and not waste out time on bad ones?If so, how? Ice wars is another good example.

Lack of attention to players
Before you moderators, volunteers, and staff go “T H E Y R E T O O B U S Y T O C H E C K T H E F O R U M S”, I’ve said this multiple times and I’ll say it again. When they need ideas, they can’t listen to what the players want? And if they don’t urgently need ideas at the time, they can’t go on this website for like 5 minutes and look through a section of the website they’re mean’t to look at? Why do you developers think we don’t know what we want? We clearly know what we want. It took us nearly two years to get 30v30 back on CTF? Why? You guys were being to stubborn to take us seriously, not using #game-types’ feedback section to see what we really think. Instead you were like “UH HUH YEP PLAYERS WILL DEFINITELY LIKE THIS APPLY THE LINE OF CODE TO MAKE THE GAME JOINABLE” As you can tell we’re sick of it. We know what we want, stop acting like we don’t. Come on here more often, listen to what we have to say, gain the powaaa of taking in feedback.

the only two majors points i needed to address. The developers are the reason for the decline of players to. nothing else to say. my fingers need a rest…jk im not done

Now this fits in both “points” so I’ll make it it’s own point, the lack of bug fixes. When I joined the beta tester team, I wasn’t 100% aware on what I was getting into, but stayed because I saw this as a chance to help Lifeboat, and I tried to take the chance. If only the devs didn’t take like a month to fix one tiny bug I reported. I won’t go into too much details, but there were only like 5 bug fixes a month. The developers are a bit more lazy than they should be for the 2nd most popular server (1st before the hive came around). Rarely fixing bugs, taking more time to make new games that die soon. My feedback here is obvious

okay NOW I’m done


Give them a break when it comes to the campaign style games like planet x. I actually think it’s really creative having a campaign style game like you find in games like cod, and I havent seen any other server have somethign like that. It’s hard to know what players want and they had to try something.


again, an example
maybe battle royale would have been a better example tho


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It’s hard to blame the developers when there’s only two full-time devs and maybe 2-4 part-time ones… and that’s being generous on estimates. Every single moderator, volunteer, helper, etc. blame the developers for all server related issues. It’s literally ingrained in the moderator training programme, brainwashing active supporters into spreading the message onward. “Oh, the anti-cheat is constantly being updated by the Devs!” wrong. “Our developer team read all suggestions!” sometimes. “Oh, our developer team is working on plots on sm/pr!” plots have had issues for over a year. So on and so forth. We find excuses for our own problems we fail to step up to change.

No one takes any authority or trying to fix things… myself included. It’s much easier to take a step back after the fact and complain about “should haves” and “could haves” instead of real change in the moment. But on the other end of things… you can never fully fix every complaint or want in the game. But I agree, they’re just told what to do by a central person. Everyone is. Same as with any business… in online/real life. Each person is constricted to their individual bias of what they feel is right, and what they think would be most enjoyable for others. Nothing in life is ever perfect.

but what do I know ¯/_(ツ)_/¯


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I cannot even count on my fingers how many times I’ve forwarded bug reports, waited 3 months and yet nothing was done. In fact I never even got a reply regarding them. It’s been nearly 4 ½ months.


What makes you say that?


And my post will probably be hidden because I said so. Why else do you think the “Meet the Team” page was hidden?


I knew something had to be up when that happened. Thx for answering something that was probably on a lot of our minds


Because you can structure what you want to say more profoundly than I ever could :joy:


Nonsense! It takes me 15 minutes to even start the first paragraph. I have too many drafts. Sometimes I wish I could unleash my anger and destroy Lifeboat City.


I beat you to it by purposely crashing a plane into the big LB sign.

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on the lb twitter, they retweeted a picture of me on that same plane a few minutes before i did that


Then I guess I’ll have to destroy your basement.


Lifeboat City was their solution if asked, “Does Lifeboat has a roleplaying server?” and SM, CM, and SMPRO wasn’t a sufficient answer.


Brutally accurate.


Really? I knew there were only a handful that talked to us volunteers but I always figured the Omsk team was big or something…