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Demon King is here


Hello my name is Lucifer demon38 I’m new here so be nice to me please.


Hello! Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums


Hi there! Berfore you have any fun, please take a gooooooooood look at this :slight_smile:




Hey there, welcome to the forums!




hello, welcome.


yooo watup


Hello, @Demonking

No one here will be mean to you but I so you could allways mention a staff username I think anyway

Also this forums should be kid friendly so if you read the rules you will be fine but if somone does something that’s breaking the rules I think just flag off a topic but not too much because someday you will be Regular (you may be confused since your new. ¥


Everything makes me yell if I see “imgurl” JUST KIDDING. December fools! wait get it? April fools?