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Dear Lifeboat


You’ve been served.

Now your mods can’t come at me in game! Wooo! Freedom! Now I can do whatever I want. I’m the king!

(This is meant to be a joke. Please do not take the serious.)


this isn’t valid since that’s not your name your name is MasterBroPro1 not MasterBroPro get debunked


Actually MasterBroPro is my old forum account name and in game name. I am just having trouble logging into to the old one. Soooooooo… Lol.




What she do now? Lol.




Bruh, shes a fish.
How can she go in the court


Put her in a giant fish bowl and hire help to get her in court. Lol.
Either that or give her like a water helmet, water suit. Or something.