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Dear F-Mods and Helpers


Have you heard of connotative definitions?
If not, too bad you are not legible for being grammar cop here.


Please stay on topic. Though I see that this is about the complex language used by the forum mods and helpers, insulting each other isn’t necessary. You have received some appropriate and sensible answers by other users. I am respectful about your opinions based on one another however this is getting out of control and a little spammy. If your opinion towards somebody isn’t nice, then please don’t express it out loud.


Y does gramer even matter in forums?


because if you don’t use grammar people will misinterpret you. (I think that’s how you spell it lol)


But it internets not school



No but no one do that tho


Wil u block me if I meme u rn?


sometimes it happens.




you’re already blocked lol. i’ll unblock you but the meme is just getting spammy on the forums
continue in a dm, we’re getting off-topic


Ok I won’t meme u no more

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