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Dear F-Mods and Helpers


Dude, you know that the misspelling of “thought” that you said was inappropriate, right?


How is thot bad


Search it up.


I don’t get I only see music group


you call me grammar police


Maybe xd


Hmm, very interesting speech about big and small words


I am responding primarily to Sath with the below message, but this will be suitable as a response to you as well, James.

One of your duties is to ensure that all users can understand you while maintaining a professional demeanor and outlook. Using overly complex language doesn’t forward that effort. Users shouldn’t have to search the definition of any given word that a staff member possesses in their vocabulary.




I agree, but this user was suggesting we dumb our language down to very simplistic levels by default. Personally I find that in the process of simplification some information gets lost and it ends up looking less professional as well. I’m sure we’re all willing to use very simple language if requested, but generally we haven’t run into major issues.


this one is a big word.


and I never said to make it permanent fyi


please stop


two of my favorite people having a
whos the more mature boi fight

vry interesting Dx


4 letters is a big word?
so, theoretically, word is a big word? pear is a big word?


your punctuation* on your* conjunctions are wrong* sometimes.


stop arguing, the forums don’t need arguments ensuing in every topic


lol these days thats in impossibility


yes it does i need my tea bc my life is boring

loljk pls don’t flag me or something


Nah fam… dont worry…
I respecc that