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Dear F-Mods and Helpers


At first, I felt that the F in the headline was something else…
But then I realized that I was wrong and that you really meant Forum-Mods


No don’t mean to romerrro he mean forum mod


We can’t all be perfect…


If you see any errors feel free to point them out to me.


I thought u leave forum


I understand the embullient matter of exgogitation as of your animalistic topic summing the acumentary decision, but the important conviviality is the coruscant faith of auspicious beings. (In other words, I agree)


I don’t get it


can u not gain attention for no reasons why? and stop being a try hard on getting back your regular. whats even the point of having it.


Calm down, he’s not hurting anyone. Unfortunately as Gotten does have a suspension on his account he is unable to earn Trust Level 3/Regular normally, but I don’t see how his Trust Level relates to this topic.


bruh I dont even know the point of this topic can someone just lock and unlist this


Why does everyone keep saying I can’t get regular because I was suspended before? I gained regular after that suspention. I lost it due to not keeping up the requirements.

Plus many people with suspentions on their account still have regular


Odd, you fufill every requirement for TL3 except for the suspension one, I’ll look into it. Those users with TL3 and a suspension were manually promoted and then trust level locked I believe.


It states I have to not have a suspension in the last 100 days. So I should have regular by now.
Not to mention that suspension was false/for no reason





Also - Gotten if you’d like I can try to work out what exactly is going on about your trust level in PM, but please stay on topic here.


As representatives of Lifeboat, it’s our duty to use rich language. If you think our language is ‘boastful’ (which doesn’t make any sense), you are wrong.


woah with that amazing grammar i just got flexed on

how disrespectful of u :rage::rage::rage::facepunch::facepunch::sob:


Dude :joy: