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Dear F-Mods and Helpers


I think using light words when answering questions or giving replies back to people is better since this forum is almost filled with kids and people who usually understand light words better… Tho using big words sounds intellectual and academic… But there are times that some words are almost misunderstood and whatnot…

So yeah, maybe that might give a big help to the people who usually don’t really understand big words (like me) and GD/GN.


what lmao


Or maybe if you’re unsure of a word then find the definition to it. :wink:


what is a definition


Eye hav noe cloo


I will repeat this here.

If you can go on the forums, you can go on google.


F-Mods? That does not sound right
I have a dirty mind thanks to my classmates


Forum mods… :upside_down_face:


How about I am too lazy to do it?


Then it’s not really our problem. If you’re having trouble understanding our vocabulary, you can always search for the definitions or else ask us for a simpler explanation. I don’t see any reason to dumb down our language 24/7 as there’s usually no issue. Generally if someone’s native language isn’t English and is having major issues communicating with us we switch to their language instead.



not “on”


yeah… your punctuations on every conjunctions you use are wrong sometimes.


If you can make it 100% correct, then please go ahead.


si hola chico yo es muy hambre si si aqui jajjjajajajajjajajajaaja


uH oH iTs ThE gRaMmAr pOLicE :oncoming_police_car: :oncoming_police_car:


uH oH! mEmE pOlIcE! :oncoming_police_car::oncoming_police_car:


I have to intervene the fact that I like the more complex words, always makes an individual seem more developed, it would be totally lamentable if we had more miniature vocabulary.


Tbh… They just sound boastful


well we can’t all be talking like little children forever


As Penguins said above, if you don’t understand the definition of a certain word, you can always ask for a simpler explanation or google it. Using “simpler or light” words can often be misunerstood and the sentence could lose it’s meaning really easily. I don’t see why it sounds boastful, though.