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Dead Game Modes


Lifeboat has all these games sitting here that have barely any players. They probably loose more money running them yet they’re still here (and judging by how lifeboat usually operates when it comes to cash that’s an interesting choice). Yet Bounty Hunter was removed do to a lack of players. Those four games are literally sitting collecting dust.

Also even SG nowadays doesn’t even get that many players



I’m guessing sg died since the community got tired of it, Bedwars is the new thing.

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Also Windy Isles might be the worst gamemode on any server I’ve played on.It’s an absolute train reck and I’m not even hating unfairly.

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I think it’s meant to be a custom survival spawn. It used to be pay to play right? Now it’s more of an anarchy server.

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Mummy Valley is also another tragic game. You spawn in some random desert type spawn and your only item is a thing to buy cosmetics and pets with. “What a great game mode”

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Personal Opinion: Unfortunately Lifeboat hasn’t had a good track record with the survival spawn maps, there nice to have but there not popular.

On the subject of the adventure mode I think it has a lot of potential it’s just needs to get updated and get new maps or level’s added monthly or every two months.

I honestly don’t see survival games going anywhere it’s still pretty popular game and it’s getting updates still, 236 players it still impressive.

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I agree with Mobfox, the first three definitely need some attention and updates. Should they be removed? It’s not really our call.

As for Survival Games, it’s probably not going anywhere. It’s the closest thing we have to a flagship gamemode, it’s even in the name (LBSG). 200+ players (at a low time) is a far cry from the others, which all consistently track under 100.



Well lifeboat always died few times. Plus t1here are even worse updates, lifeboat sometimes removed maps or games Asapand one way to lose money / minecoins



236 players that’s not impressive at all



Lifeboat is still running, i rate lifeboat 9/10



Rate it 2/10

I did not play on it for two months, face it kid, player counts are going down and they removed a popular gamemode for lack of player counts but kept those futile gamemodes with no fun, it is only plain, bland.



Ok, ill just rate it 8/10 for now…



I played Planet X for like 2 days but now I’m in to a lot of bedwars and I played SG occasionally.



A factor that might’ve affected the activity/interest of players on Lifeboat is the lobby. The previous lobby was considered better to loads of players because they had the ability to roleplay, which is what most of Lifeboat players do - I’m not saying the current one is awful, it’s just that it doesn’t give them the motive to roleplay.



It’s a good thing that role-playing* in the lobbies have ceased to exist.

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It is what made the gamemodes active, role-players were feeding all the games. Take Bounty Hunter into consideration too, it had an outstanding activity.



Lifeboat city exists, roleplayers simply moved there



Which could also be the reason…



I’ll bet Bounty Hunter never saw low player numbers like these games!! But that was removed…therefore, LBSG needs to remove these if that’s the judging criteria for removing games!