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Poll time!
What would you rather be?

  • Pickle
  • Jellyfish
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • A peach

0 voters

Who’s weak?

  • JamesJ (obv)
  • Blizzard

0 voters

How tough are ya?

  • I ate a bowl of nails
  • I ate a bowl of nails WITHOUT MILK
  • I pinched a spider
  • I ate liquid nitrogen

0 voters

What do you shave or cream?

  • Legs
  • Face
  • Stomache
  • Moustache
  • Arms

0 voters

Who will win?

  • Thanos with his infinity guantlet and over 50 armadas of 1000 dangerous creatures and soldiers on his side, plus all the super villains together with everything and max fire power.
  • Shaggy with 0.00000000001% of his power

0 voters

Google autocomplete mix and match

  • Why is France
  • Why is Switzerland
  • Why is USA
  • Why is Greenland
  • Why is Russia
  • Why is Uzbekistan
  • Why is Turkey
  • Why is South Africa
  • Why is China
  • Why is Algeria
  • Why is Nigeria
  • Why is Indonesia
  • Why is Brazil
  • Why is Israel
  • Why is Saudi Arabia

0 voters


  • So fat
  • So cold
  • So awesome
  • So gyay
  • So no food
  • So Baguettes
  • So explosive
  • So oily
  • So rich
  • So drought
  • So Constantine
  • So oof
  • So hungry
  • So communists
  • So nice

0 voters


I answered nothing. Lol.


I broke ur pole now lol haha, i voted for every options unless ots a single poll.


Okay guys so to answer the question about who is weaker between me and blizzard please look at the topic I’ve linked before making the correct decision
(Which is obviously him because I ain’t weak)


Just make the two options equal in votes in the second question