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Dark days come


I recently read about the news of the ‘gunman’ attack in New Zealand, 49 people killed at the ChristChurch Mosque, Jesus Christ I have never heard of terrorism in New Zealand my whole life, that definately means something fishy.


Yea I hope no one was affected by this from this forums


Btw the attacker said “Remember Lads, Subscribe to PewDiePie” before starting the attack which got PewDiePie in trouble


Fishy fishy


I feel bad for pewds


Dude, why are you spreading this news here!?

@Penguin @Serenity


There is no need for such news to be here! I want this foolish thread locked/unlisted.


Nice… No reply.

Typical forums. Heh?


It’s fine as long as it isn’t doesn’t spiral out of control. This isn’t a hate post or anything like that.


I kinda think that’s its going to cause drama as well, but why do you seem so against it lol


It’s fine to spread news here, at least we are being informed about something and if that event is too serious, at least we can prepare ourselves asap.


He is a trollmaster.


Justice for PewDiePie, blame the Hardcore Fans.


Now I’ve read a lot into the event and I’m not saying I’m all of a sudden an expert on the topic, but from what I gathered is that while the ‘gunman’ was shooting he was saying “subscribe to pewdiepie” and in addition live streaming the event (I think I can’t really remember the exact details).

Now because of that one action, people are speculating that Felix inspired the attack which could be more further from the truth. He didn’t, and it honestly annoys me that people think he had anything to do with this tragic event.



What are you trying to show exactly?
I’ve already seen that tweet…


Just showing


This is already crossing the line…


There are news websites to be informed.