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Y do no one go on CTF 13 no more??


Removed the Category “Server Suggestions” since this post does not represent the category Server Suggestions,


No I suggesting people to go back to ctf13


This Category is for suggesting things for our servers and not for players to join a certain server. That’s what the Category Meet-ups is for.


I’m not telling ppl to meet up I suggest to them to go back to ctf13 and lifeboat to make it main server


Stop changing topic place ITS SUGESTION WHAT THE CRAP


Hi there. Please join using the server buttons, joining direct via links like ctf13.lbsg.net won’t work any more.


That’s what my suggestion is :man_facepalming:t2:


Talk plz unknown purseon


Your suggestion (I think) is to allow players to join vis direct links. We’ve removed this feature to make way for our proxy system.


But Wut if I want to play w friends??


Hello! I researched your topic thoroughly and I realized that something, the / transfer still exists, but I change a bit, that is, to join a sky wars lobby (like sw13), first you must join sky wars, then you put in chat / transfer sw13 and the server will take you to sw13 instantaneously, this works like this in all game modes (ie, to change the lobby, you must be in the game mode where you want to change the lobby)

PS: still serves / server


IMG_20190319_210139_416 IMG_20190319_210129_289 IMG_20190319_210109_502


Like @pukipuki810 said, you should still be able to use the /transfer command after joining.


Wait, I know what he is talking about. Look.



There isn’t anyone.


Y r u feeding us lies


What I was told is that players will no longer be able to join via direct IPs. This change may not be 100% complete yet. I’m not “feeding you lies,” you’re just not accepting what I’m saying. I’ve also given you a solution to your problem, seen above. Is there anything else you need help with?


I love you Kebab. You bring good memories.