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Ctf? Suggestionnn


Let us build in the void again.
Make a 5 min grace period.


People were abusing that to get flags way easier than they should.



Kinda have to disagree, too op when try hard win10 godbrigers play.


Without a doubt, agreed. It really is annoying, I can’t place blocks, If I had the flag and I can’t even clutch.


True but I think there should be a certain amount of blocks to build out to


This was a response to this Get rid of the ability to do this in CTF

There is a possibility this could be tweaked, we would need to know the map and where you are wanting to build. I personally agree it was being abused… thats just one mans opinion though…


I agree, it was being absued, but I think removing the glitch where people can teleport was adequate. But, removing the ability to place blocks to save them selves while falling in the void wasn’t the best idea, as a lot of players having the problems, not only me. Thanks for apprising us.


How about nuh. Win10 tryhards jump bridge all the time and ruin the fun