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Hey, thanks for speaking with us, we really like that you put the time into answering our questions, some other devs need to work on that, but I think you’r doing a pretty good job. :slightly_smiling_face::clap:


They are doing their chore superbly, but yeah they do need to inform us like DishRex, being more active on forums and answering our questions.

It isn’t really easy for them as to be frank, they do develop things with a doubt but they have their own personal life, like playing fortnite/Minecraft or going somewhere talking to other staff members and there are a lot of things that we don’t know… Who knows, maybe they do see our posts but just don’t react or answer people, it’s like a user applied for an In-Game moderator and he didn’t got a response that he got denied or accepted, he’s still waiting, thinking that his application might’ve gotten delayed it cause frustration and collywobbles, same with developers. Developers see our posts but just don’t answer us and make updates furtively without informing us, I do kinda agree on that one.


For which I know, the only staffs who tolds us all the important info quickly, was Storm, Collins, Jacob, and Ultramarine. But they’re all gone.


I mean Collins still pops in sometimes but he not a mod anymore. I miss Jacob, who else does?


I miss him too, I gurantee you if he came back, he would snap this forum back into place.


Hope so.