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CTF Original Map


I’m pretty sure everybody in this community are now aware that Lifeboat removed the Original map in CTF.
I have to say that this wasn’t a very good idea in general. Original map was my favorite map and I’m pretty sure there’s more people that has the same opinion with me.
Original was the 1st map from the CTF gamemode.
It has a very simple structure that was easy to identify what you have to do.
I mean, if you just spawn right away, you can see iron, which means you could craft armory and weapons
If you look at the sides you can see a shack that is filled with wool, it may take a few minutes to identify whether what kind of shack you need to go in, but it’s the easiest map to figure how the whole game works.
I say we should bring back the Original map.
Thank you!




I totally agre! Original map was the best. I think everyone is really disappointed with this change.
I support you!


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What? They got rid of original. Man lifeboat is dead


Dead Game.



I WENT ON CTF 13 and I was literally the only one their. This is sad


They removed 30v30 as well, I swear, this has to be a joke, they have to be playing with us.


It’s a sign that no one really enjoyed the new map, the beta servers are usually full or at least have quite a lot of players


highest in a while actually


Not really, they usually get 200 every day.


After I found it was removed I waited a few days to see if it was truly gone…ps it is.

is this a joke


178 players is no where near dead, but it’s definitely no where close to when it was popular


Even I miss the old CTF days.


That is sad


Wow been inactive for a few months and then lifeboat pulls off this. Sigh goodbye memories.


why is everyone coming back now


School break I guess


@PiggyDragonFTW @GottenDesert0 @NoobierAdam

30v30 is the first game in rotation, but it was mistakenly changed that after the first one is done, it moves onto 15… that should be changed by tomorrow hopefully