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Criticizing Lifeboat


There are two things I want to go over with. One of which being a game mode. But there is one thing I need to get out of the way first.

Lifeboat is not safe as far as advertising. I have seen ads over the last couple of days and they seem to be screaming “Buy VIP.” Okay, not literally, but you get the point. They talk about how buying vip makes your life easier, If you buy vip, you will not see vip ads, and everything else along those lines. Now, I think every rational person will agree that this needs to be adjusted. Kids are guillable enough to believe these things and it just isn’t a safe way to advertise.

Another problem I have is the servers you guys still have up. I personally think it is ridiculous to still have gamemodes up that you guys PAY for to stay up. Can you please explain this?

These games need to be deleted and the people who bought the games should be refunded, I think paying for these servers to stay up is only wasting money.


VIP ads are not necessarily bad. The only ads I hate are the ads that pop up on the screen. Adventure, I agree with. Planet X, I never really played, so IDK.

If Lifeboat really wanted to improve greatly, I’d like to have the 20 free minutes of prisons a day removed, or at least bumped to an hour. That is annoying as heck.


I don’t like LB prisons. Go to primegaemes. (Misspelled on purpose). Also COPX is popular depending on time zone. But yes Adventure is TRASH


Well, us Xbox One players don’t have the luxury of adding servers like MCPE. Priemgaems has good prisons, but I no longer use MCPE, so Lifeboat is my best option.


Ah, well I can’t disgrace there.


I know leet servers that have more players than adventure mode.

  1. I haven’t seen much of ads since the better together update.
  2. There’s no restrictions on pay to play anywhere in the EULA. It’s up to the players to pay if they desire and we gladly offer them our services if they do so.
  3. Leet servers have more players? Well, how long do they survive? A week max? Don’t forget the lagbacks (rubber banding as some people say).

  1. Aren’t you a vip, mod or something? That may explain it. To my belief, you must be somewhere in the ranking system.

  2. Well, I feel like, from my personal experience, you guys are advertising in a way that is not safe for children. Kids from 7 years old play here. It is just ridiculous advertising.

  3. Seems very biased of you to make such a statement. Leet servers can last a few months thanks to the app update. It is not 2017 anymore, they made it easier this time to run a server. Same goes with Pocketmine (what Lifeboat uses), with no devotion, I guarantee you it wouldn’t last a day. Also, as seen from lifeboat, I think we can both agree pocketmine is a fan of rubber banding.


empty ur pocket money boi

  1. I’m not a VIP, not gonna buy it, nobody’s forcing me to. And I’m not a mod.
  2. Don’t leet servers advertise too? Like it’s pay for admin and mod rank in most servers. Most of them are pay to win too, which gives the worst gameplay experience.
  3. Fair enough.


Quite the opposite. Leet servers give away too much as they are small.


Lifeboat is not forcing you to buy the stuff in the LifeBoat store and if you have problem would the game modes don’t play then


they shouldnt remove those servers, but i feel like they should be moved to the shop since they kind of are like the things in the marketplace.


Try to remember, topics like these are constructive criticism, he isn’t hating on anyone, he is just trying to help Lifeboat out, even if it means lifeboat doing what they don’t want to do.