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CrimsonDream89’s Intro


In-Game Username: CrimsonDream89

Roles: Lead Beta Tester, Forum Helper

Favorite fruit: Huckleberries

Additional Information:

Hello everyone! Welcome to my introduction! I am CrimsonDream89, but I go by Crimson or Crim. I have been a Lifeboat volunteer since August 3rd of 2018, and was first accepted as a Beta Tester.

Fairly recently I was promoted to a Lead Beta Tester and Forum Helper. As a Lead Beta Tester my main responsibility is watching over the team, making sure reports are done correctly and helping to train new Beta Testers. The position of Lead Beta Tester is new and we will soon have more responsibilities, which I think the community here will be happy about, but I can’t quite share that information yet. :wink:

As a Forum Helper I mainly focus on helping users that are experiencing bugs or glitches within Lifeboat. I make sure that if a bug is reported here that it gets reported to the developers, and I also track the bugs to insure they are getting fixed. Obviously, some bugs can be difficult to fix and take some time to fix, but I am quite persistent in making sure it gets done. :blush: I also help resolve other support topics and reports.

Since the closure of Smpro, it’s a little bit harder to find me ingame. I don’t particularly play regularly on any one server, but my favorite game-modes are Block Party, Creative Mode, Prisons and Skywars. The servers I typically play on are bp1, cm1, and ps5.

In real life I am a college graduate. I graduated from a university with my bachelors degree in December of 2018. I’m kinda secretive about things pertaining to my real life, not exactly sure why that is. I am a bit older than the typical Lifeboat player, at 29 years old, but I have always loved Minecraft and it’s the only game that’s never really gotten boring for me over the years. I started playing Minecraft in 2009 and have played it off and on over the years.
Some hobbies I enjoy are photography, painting, singing, and playing the guitar. I have a full time job in real life, and while I wouldn’t say that it’s my dream job, it is very close. During the summer I pick up a second job and I honestly love staying busy! It’s been kinda of a weird feeling graduating from college, and some nights I still wake up in the middle of the night, panicking about some fabricated forgotten assignment, lol!

Well, that’s pretty much it about me. I love helping others, so if anyone has any questions feel free to direct message me here or on Discord. :blush:


Mak anther forum game




Word… For me this real though. :sweat_smile:


Haha! Yep there were so many nights when I woke up at like 11pm, realizing I forgot about a paper that was due at midnight. I still somehow managed to get all A’s and B’s. It’s funny too how college professors like to threaten that if you do a paper last minute you will fail, yet that never happen to me… Lol, but don’t do what I did! The stress isn’t worth it.


It’s just way too common for me and people I know to do assignments at the last minute. It sucks and it’s way more pleasurable to knock it out. But hey, I still got another couple years to go so here’s to hoping!


Literally every semester I told myself I wouldn’t put stuff off, and then I found myself running come crunch time… I’m a procrastinator, but hey, I always got the work done. I plan on going back to school to get my masters but I’m taking a few years off.




Hay my emoji from my tablet on


@Crimsondream89 we all love you so much and enjoy your sweet answers in the call of reports on the forums thank you for all you have done we really appreciated you a lot so thank you


Thank you @morrisgamekidwalker! This made my day! Thanks for all your help! We do appreciate it. :blush:


Hii, you can see my name so i just wanna say welcome


whoa last time i was here u werent even forum helper

nice to see u made it this far tbh

how arent u forum mod yet


I just became a Forum Helper a couple weeks ago. I’m not really sure how long it takes to become a forum mod but I’m not worried about it. :blush: Good to see you back here! It’s been awhile it seems.


Rn’t u appletree ?


Soon my friend… :eyes:


no im that prince in your dreams that sends you emails everyday


gasps ur back


I’m confusion