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Corrupt wishs


But it was expired milk

Grape flavored water


You will be intoxicated

Instagram models to cease exist


But James Charles rules the world

Having fans (literally)


But they make fanfiction about you

More Grape Fanta


I put a tranquilizing liquid inside your drink.

To have a good life


But you die young

Sprite cranberry


But it makes you sick



Eternal sleep, fired from your job, suffer from health.
A cheesecake.


Contaminated with emetic poison



With bees

A lifeboat


But on the lifeboat there’s no safety equipment at all so it’s kinda useless

fan fiction about blizz and gotten lol


Instead of Gotten, it’s you and BliZZard (uwu)



Added @GTROMERO27 and @Fishy in it



But it shoots you

To go to japan


But you dont understand a thing and you end up spending all your money at one place

A yacht


lil yachty

a slave


But thats you

A backpack


But anything you put inside it instantly disintegrates.

A Nintendo switch.


it’s a switch blade with nintendo ingraved in the handle

an iphone X


yuck who wants an iphone blehhhhh

samsung note 9