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Corrupt wishs


To only star in hindi drama movies and tv shows

Beating john cena


you get arrested for assault


I wish for a villa


But it’s haunted

A car


its old, rusty, and doesn’t work

power to teleport


You teleport to the worst plsces on the Galaxy

The power of uncorrupted wishes



Elemental power


but you’ll die if u use it

a snowplow lol


I dunno what that is but it’s cursed

A radio


Makes you speak with your dead loved ones, but you eventually get cursed and kill yourself

Having nice friends


All murdered and burried.
A bag of chips.


It’s an empty bag.

An ice cream sundae.


But it’s melted

For people to stop shipping xJames


They make up some other terrible ship to put you in.

Time travel.


But it teleports you to the Cold War

A cake


a poisonous one

PewDiePie ultimately defeating T-Series


youtube shuts down the next day

crazy fast ninja (no. not the streamer) reflexes


But then you die of ligma

Epic victory royale


you used hax

all the wii shop channel has to offer


you used hax

Baked potatoes