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Corrupt wishs


But u have to hear earrape oof everytime u teleport



January memes



It’s poisonous



But they live on your flesh

A really smart dog that can talk


Eats your bones

Corrosive saliva


But it always slpashes ALL OVER you

Not being niggardly


Lets try a second one here
Some Random Kid 1: I want a turtle
Some Random Kid 2: Okay I’ll grant that for you
SRK2: Really.
Grants the turtle

moments later
. . . . …
Everyone on Earth died,
becuase the turtle is as big. . .
as Jupiter, so everyone got squashed
even the miners
so yea




World peace


Finally achieved with the extinction of humanity. Three cheers for Ultron!

Infinite penguins








But only for 5 years

A refrigerator


But it explodes

$100,000 that can’t be corrupted by anything said in this game


I use my immunity doggo

economic crisis strikes

another immunity doggo


But its backfires

Being an avatar


Of a Dora the adventure show.

Everything bad in the world
(Now you gotta corrupt it to make everything GOOD in the world)


So that leads to the world exploding

Being made of lava


only to be killed by water

999 kill/death ratio


Then you get killed about 74 or exactly 74.46 times and get to 0 KDR

Becoming a famous DJ


Only that your music is voted the worst ever in the world, causing you to lose fans and, eventually, go homeless.

Becoming a famous actor.