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Corrupt wishs


but you have to call it football for the rest of your life instead of soccer

superiority over @BliZZard


but i turn into your superior

third foot


Between your legs

Second hand brain


But its only thinks dirty things

Most expensive shoe ever


But it’s the ugliest thing in the universe so someone forces you to eat it in order to prevent them from ever having to see it again…oh, and it also happens to be the worst tasting thing in the entire universe…

The ability to turn invisible


But you have to be naked to have its full effect and you obviously cannot carry a bag with you because youll get spotted…oh, and it also happens to work for 5 minutes only with an interval of 10 minutes.

A cat


Destroys half of your house (and your neighbours’ faces)

Owning a flat complex


it catches fire everyday

ramen noodles


Went dead like @RamenNoodles_

Everything that cannot be ruined no matter what, that is happy


Sacrifice your intelligence for it

Able to buy stuff using Monopply money


But you can only buy dirt with it

To never be around people who constantly lie again


Sorry, i cant ruin that wish, but you can only tell the truth and NEVER lie again to anyone

I wish for love


But your lover is a very annoying person.

Able to like anything


(sup, long time no see)
But everytime you like something, you risk losing a loved one

Apple trees


But they’re full of seeds



Cost as much as your kidney for one nibble

Winning a lotto everytime


your prizes are useless

a bicycle


But u fall everytime

A cool scar


but a very big one that it covers 75% of ur body

a cataract on right eye


But you die

Ability to teleport