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Corrupt wishs


its literally blank

ability to change body temperature at will


Must be submerged in burning oil first



but you’re lactose intolerant

Chocolate chip cookies.


But its made from dirt



He makes doo doos everywhere and you are not allowed to do anything

Bag of high quality memes


The bag is empty when you receive it.

To be good at Slay the Spire.


But no one knows that game so it doesn’t matter



you cant spend it

pvp god $killz


Against chickens in MC, not skill at destroying mobs, or players.


i wish for world peace


But world hunger increases 60%



poppy’s burgers

kingsman glasses


But they make you go blind.

Go on a cruise



An iceberg


You turn into the iceberg that sunk the titanic and everyone hates you.

A kitten


its an animatronic

puppet master


On a corny children’s show with puppets for 3 year olds

PewDiePie victory against T-Series



Infinity Gauntlet


But you accidentally wipe yourself from existence

Being spider Man


But u shoot baby spiders instead

a soccer ball