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Corrupt wishs


But its sour

A mansion


but its full of portraits of xjames

a swimming pool all to yourself


but its boiling water

being immortal and a sociopath


But you have to babysit and supervise every child that is born til the end of time since you are immortal in prison cuz your a sociopath

Owning a baby


but thats not even a wish of mine

a sandwich


There’s raw chicken on it and you get salmonella.

Ability to teleport.


To hell

Mind control


every time you mind control you have to phase into a trance and experience their worst nightmares and memories like they actually happened to you. (doesn’t take any time and it can feel like 2 years but was actually not even a second)

the ability to go invisible


You don’t know where you are and you keep hitting trees, cars, etc.


(((not part of game but you forgot to add a wish thingy)))



A flying car


A bird flies into the engine.

No school


You end up homeless

I don’t have to eat for the rest of my life


Sacrifice your brain for it

A crowbar


that is a crow


Will haunt your dreams



they only fit your big toe

a watch


but then it touches the all spark

seven fingers


they’re in random spots in your body

ability to fly


but only three feet off the ground

ability to see through everything