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Corrupt wishs


but you get so mich more stuff to do
Everything is free


resource shortage, thanos snaps again

every game is f2p


but they’re pay2win
You win every game of fortnite you play


but u have to default dance everywhere u go

be the best in aiming


Must use a plunger

Clogged toilet


And it sucks you in

Burning T-series hq


But you will go to prison after

Subz to pewdiepie


But its T-series renaming it self as PewDiePie

Being a YouTube star


But you’re Logan Paul V2



but its raw bee honey

burning oil


You drink, bathe, and pee oil. Your blood is also burning oil



Raw bee honey is the best wdym
So I’ve heard
This reply does not apply to the game


But when you shoot it goes horribly wrong and the stone wipes out your whole army

Baby wipes


but its used for dinner



Lolis will pop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2D view of the world


But really small spikes can kill you cuz you cant go around it

4D view of the world


You stop existing because ur brain cannot handle understanding 4 dimensions

An 95 on my exam today XD


Must sacrifice your devotion to eat for the rest of your life

Peanut butter


Jelly time

Inventing a new invention that is so useful


everyone else thinks it sucks so you can’t sell it

a cookie