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Corrupt wishs


Becomes Annabelle and Chucky like.
A sandwich.


But you dont have the Ingredients Because you pulled an all nighter to get that BrEaD



Harass you



You get e instead.

A good book.


But its suppppperrrr long

Time traveling


but if you go back in time even being there will mess up the future and you will never be born and if you go into the future the future things will kill you so you cant mess up their future. So basically if you time travel either way you die.

i wish i was a furry (xD)


You can’t because you’re weird enough.
Eat a ramen noodles.


you only eat one noodle and then choke on it and fall into a coma

to be out of school rn


Be homework comes back to stab you.
A pickle.


its the size of a full sized house

a nice pet dragon


It can’t fly nor breathe out fire

A magic marker


It’s actually magic, and the magic is too powerful for you and you die.

An excuse to get out of work.


But u end up homeless

To understand the meaning of life


Its so complicated your mind will explode

PewDiePie winning over T-series


Pewdiepie shuts down his channel.



marine snow



But the trash is you.



Dirty stuff only

Meteor shower


But it hits you

A Ziq


the man

to stop procrastinating