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Corrupt wishs


So, this is a game, someone will wish something, the other corrupt’s it

1: I wish for a house
2: Granted but the house is infested with ALOT of ants

Ill go first:
I wish for a world with no schools


But you must not eat for 2 whole months

Infinite money


But you cant buy anything with them

A wife :joy:


Murders you, uses you skin as a coat.

A bag of chips.


U choke eveytime u eat them

A phone


It blows up and burns your house down, kills your family, buns everything.


But you cannot eat or drink anything that is not made from potatoes

A gaming rig


But it breaks after 3 games

A car


But it has an earrape engine.

A chocolate cake


Buy its made of chocolate coated rocks

Ice cream


But every bite gives you an intense brain freeze.

A horse :horse:


but the horse has no legs.

i wish i was smart


But your dumb

A successful life


But every promotion you get, you lose a family member

Good grades


But you have to attend school forever.

Super powers


Too much of it kills you.


But it’s made of worms.

To be a famous painter


But have no paint or paint brush so you use your blood.
To eat fries.


But they always have wayy too much salt
To never have homework


But to do schoolwork till your fingers fall off.
To eat a cake.