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[CONTEST ENTRY] Farewell, not


Is it really true,
That our home will wilt this future?
Our family will now go in departure?
I think this is going to be a bloody torture.

The memories that we made,
It’s now all going to fade.
The memes that we made,
It’s all going to lose, what a shame.

No, this is not goodbye!
It’s just a place where we stayed.
Memory shall remain,
Not the place that is filled with pain.

Our friendship that we made,
It’s like a family already that we stayed.
Remember all the things we did.
The genuine memories we all did.

Farewell, not!
We still have our friends in our hearts!
We can still talk with them somewhere soon.
We will never forget the things we all made.

From the dramas that caused pain,
To the bonding that we obtained.
Just think of the things we did.
Don’t let the place bury it in the grave.

Let’s just thank the place,
Because of the memories it made.
There are still other places to chat.
That’s why this isn’t the last.

Dear friends of this place,
Just remember to keep our good memories in the memory lane.
Don’t think of it going to the grave.
That’s why I say, farewell not.


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That rhymes



Oh yeah, it does!

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I don’t like this



that’s the same feeling of how we feel about you! :))))

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