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Coding time


@killian thank you


When the big headed have powers, they be a big head.



Wow I never knew that people with actual experience knew more about certain subjects then complete beginners! Fascinating.

Come on Sath ur a mod now, you gotta get used to the fact that you have more responsibility.




That comment wasn’t necessary!


Well, happy coding! Hope you develop something great!



Stop bragging, please.
Show us evidence of you being an expert programmer.


Nope, this doesn’t fix the issue you’ve done.


The thing is @Sath, you are a moderator, you shouldn’t have been rude like that. You shouldn’t have me teach you how to be nice to people.

Coding time

I know a lot more about coding than you.

What got me mad about this is that it was insulting, and you knew it was. You knew you were coming off as rude. If you aren’t going to admit your wrong-doing, you should at least apologize, Morris took it quite offensively. Tame your tongue and stop acting like a fool. And don’t even think about deleting your post, the damage has already been done and you would be proving my point.

And since you are a higher individual, it gives lifeboat a bad reputation on what the moderators are like. The way you talked to Morris would be a great inference of your customer service skills, which will be frowned upon.


Why was this flagged? This a very good speech and must be kept how it should be @sath. I know you flagged this because you don’t want others to see your scandalous activity.


Let just ignore sath


And get back on topic


Alright everyone, just calm down.

Block based coding can be fun and is a great way to get into it if you’re young or just brand new. If you’re actually really interested I suggest using a computer to learn, it’s quite difficult to use sites like Codecademy on mobile. Also that course is very basic, I would suggest picking up something like Learn HTML (if you’re interested in web development, like building websites) or Learn Python (Python 2 is free, Python 3 is paid just cause one is newer) which is good for a intro into a lot of common coding concepts found in other languages (like JavaScript) and is an useful language on its own.


Yeah I would use Chromebook


If I get time
I use my blue tooth keyboard and mouse


Actually Codecademy is where I started learning, along with a few other developers. It’s a great place to start, especially if you’re young. As a member of this forum, please use this place to support people when they post something they’re excited about.


Completely agree.


OK then that a good website for me hay @penguin even the administration use the website OK I’m gonna make coding academy my hobby