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Coding time


I’m gonna get to work




Never to Young to start learning, great to see you have a passion in something so useful


I will try my best


After that, level up to python.


You call that coding?


Thats called click and drop, like scratch but its a start to learning code, (i became no.1 in every competition i entered about scratch cuz its super easy)


This is a picture of the website that teach how to code right now I have not started the website just yet because I’m busy trying to download of but I have to toggle with a mach or Chromebook


I have all file apps downloaded right now


The basic mcpe was first created by scratch so it make sense


@Sath have you ever use coding website before?


I know a lot more about coding than you.

Besides, that’s not even called as coding, you are just using someone else’s tool to make mods.

Also keep to one post.


Sath is saltyyyy peoplleee




Not really, it’s true that block-based coding is very beginner/basic. It teaches you the basic structure of a lot of coding languages but it won’t get you very far if you’re interested in a coding related career path unless you pick up a proper language. If you like to code you can look into more advanced coding languages as well! HTML and CSS are relatively simple, though you could try Python or JavaScript. There’s lots of websites out there, codecademy.com is what I started with. Depending on your age or experience you might want to play around with blocks a bit more though.


I did that kind of coding when I was either 6 or 7. It helped me improve a bit and it’s great for starting off at a young age…
I don’t see why you’re getting salty over someone trying to learn something…
That “I know a lot more about coding than you” comment wasn’t even necessary…
If you knew a lot more then you would have known what this was…


What’s up with you? What gives you a right to act like that? Even if they aren’t doing it right, you don’t need to be offensive like that to people, especially young people. You should at least give Morris recognition, most kids wouldn’t even know where to begin when it comes to coding. Stop trying to discourage her.

If you don’t have anything encouraging or nice to say, keep it quiet, and don’t prove my point I made months ago. You are starting to show your colours a bit.


@Sath If any negative comment’s are made on this topic I’m planing to having it close just know that :expressionless:


@Penguin my teacher in middle school tough me how to use coding by basic on scratch and I was never good at it until I kept trying and then I made a ping pong ball game
But I will try out the website link you gave me