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Close this forum already


DISCLAIMER: This is not a rant, it is just constructive criticism and I just want to give my two cents on the forums and how it has changed negatively.

It’s going to sound crazy hearing me say this, but please, hear me out, and don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

The Forums, I boasted how long I have been here long enough. Let’s be honest, things have completely changed. This forum community used to be so much more welcoming before, less spam topics, weaker toxicity, and probably a lot more aspects I didn’t mention. It’s changed. The community feels more toxic now. There are a noticeable amount of spam and unnecessary topics here on a weekly basis, there are more arguments, fights, and overall a lot of drama between the community members lately. It’s not even just them, the staff members are starting to get involved in these arguments. The community is not as welcoming to go to anymore. You guys can say to me, “Well Killian, why don’t you leave the forums already?” I know I am not the only one that knows all of this though, more people have to come here everyday and realize it too. It’s became kind of unhealthy at this point. There’s a discord, why can’t we go there? There are more active, posting members there and they don’t argue all the time. I am also sure it costs less money to handle than a discourse forum. I hate to say this guys but times have changed. It’s different now. It’s not and it won’t be the same anymore.



Handling reports and suggestions by the general public is way more convenient and easier to do in a forums because it has a more convenient way of organizing topics unlike Discord or any other Direct Messaging service which tbh… seemed to be more cluttered and hassle, its very risky too because you need to hire more volunteers which is quite stressful.

Focus on the general purpose of the forum, not the situation of the forums’ current social atmosphere. That would be a small problem that the moderators will look up soon.

I have to be honest here, rather than the lifeboat forums be a simple forum (those who rarely do off-topic discussions), it became a facebook for younger people instead. The fact that it has so much non-lifeboat topics and not much of suggestions and reports, it defeats the general purpose of this forum.



My main point is that, closing the forums is a very bad idea.



That’s all it should be used for then. Kind of like how this was a ban appeals website but it got moved into another one.



Nope. Not gonna happen.

@Penguin takes a long time to type lol. Bruh. I’m off topic. xD.



i read the title and thought mittu did this lol




Thanks for bringing this up, I actually wanted to talk about our community lately.

First, no we are not going to shut the forums down. It is still by far the best platform to submit reports and file support issues, plus it’s unique in ways I’ll get to later.

The forum differs from our Discord server in purpose. Forums offer asynchronous discussion - you can join in any discussion (provided it isn’t older than 30 days here) at any time. It’s also a good place to have thorough discussions - we can’t discuss something like this on Discord because complex discussions with good points are hard on a platform where most messages are no longer than a couple sentences and discussions only involve people that are online at the time. It’s not impossible on Discord, but on there your discussion will probably only last until someone switches subjects. That’s the difference between them: one’s a forum, the other is basically a chat room.

The hard part of managing a community with an audience so young is that we can’t punish people for talking about what they want to. Maybe this has become “Facebook for kids” but that’s not something we can moderate out. Ships, “unnecessary” topics, “immature” posts, etc. - we could moderate them into oblivion, but what would be left? A good community member leads by example. It won’t improve if you just complain about the community, but you can improve it if you make good posts. Flag unnecessary posts, avoid drama, lead by example. Moderators can handle rule breaks, but we can’t fix a community. Shutting down the forums isn’t fixing the problem, it’s just eliminating every single symptom in the worst way possible.

I’ve looked at other forums and participated in them, and frankly our forum isn’t that healthy, I’ll grant you that. Part of it might be the age range, some it might be how we managed it, there’s no way to know. The Discord server isn’t necessarily sunshine and rainbows either, as a mod I see a lot of swearing (in VC as well) and inappropriate messages, but not so much harassment due to the format of the platform.

Personally I don’t mind there being a lack of Minecraft-related topics. That’s what makes us unique, but what I do want to see as a longtime forum member is good discussions and a good community. I’d love to see a revived forum story section, or even just cool discussions like the ones I first had as a new user is 2017. It’s not easy, but there’s actually something you can do about it.

Sorry it’s not thorough, typing on mobile.



The one time I created a topic in general discussion talking about Minecraft basically everyone ignored it XD.



The forums is perhaps one of the only key to communicate with the players, and due to some volunteers who’ve taken role here, we can’t just suddenly shut all of this down.



A very relatable thing.



its not that different

its just dead



The irony couldn’t be more impeccable.






You promised, dude…



June 1st would like to have a word with you.



In my defence they didn’t even bring up the shut down as an option until like 3 days before the public announcement lol.



Who made the final decision?



Rein, I think. I definitely didn’t want it shut down but I can see the reasoning.



Probably cause he got PTSD from having to deal with the outburst the sparkles caused

That was quite some drama



Well, if the big man spoken about it. We have no choice…