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Chernobyl map


Will Chernobyl map at CTF be coming back soon?


Sorry mate, but I and many others made many hate topics and hate on it. Did you enjoy the map?


Yes that map was my favorite besides original map.



Lifeboat should add more CTF maps, that would be interesting.


Chernobyl map SUCKS! that map was horrible


It wasn’t that horrible ;-; it was just a bit small but it was ok


lol nice joke, but everyone I know hates it


Too many exploits.


EVERYBODY hated that map… it never lasted longer than 2 sec




Not sure Chernobyl will be coming back… but there is at least 6 new maps coming soon!


Please reduce the number of servers so that player/server ratio increases. It’s boring to play sg or CTF with just 5-6 people per round. Please please.


Its not so much about the number of servers we have… but how many players we can fit on each server without lag. Also, since everyone connects to SG through the main menu and then joins other games that one is especially hard to keep full.


i love you


Any plans on changing their so the main lobby is its own server?


maybe ill fire up my tab to play again once they come out


Yes! Also SG is really bad nowadays. It’s only like 4 players a match ;-;


Best dev ever.