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Check up on the new race track for the new server idea


Check up on the new ‘lifeboat racing game’ idea map
Mod has been added

I had to change the cars up since I don’t have the knowledge yet on how to make mods or code not yet
So I pick something simple since the track little bit Small I hope you like it is a add-on


Is it going to be a new lifeboat mode? It looks interesting and fun!


Yes good idea! Let’s add small cars cause ya know.

In grid runners, there were race cars in spawn so I believe this is good idea, I don’t get lag from grid runners cars, also the cars should move perfectly.


Yes it might be i’m hoping it will be added
The cars has sounds too


The cars has sounds and makes a starting engine sound when you turn it on


I think adding a race area in LBC.LBSG.NET is a better idea than making another server that costs a lot.


That what I was thinking


I like the new gamemode. Awesome!


I’m very glad you all like this idea :grin:


It’s some hard work.


We need a race mode game in a lifeboat, and this is a good idea. but you have to add something more to the game to make it a bit more innovative, like turbo in cars or maybe some maps have turbos in the floor (style gta5) to implement something else in the game (if you want).

It would also be interesting that in the lifeboat shop they sell different cars for the races, that is, those that do not buy anything, they would start with a common car and those who bought that car from the store will play with it, and Another good idea would be that First enter the players in the electoral lobby and vote on what map they want and what cars they want (if they have more cars)

maybe you do not like my suggestion or maybe if XD


That and that lifeboat accept the game XD


Hmmmm I know how about commands that give the speed potions to the cars to make them faster😎


What I’m doing here still I have work to do


something like that, but on the floor XD




I put a lot of speed potion in side of the dispensers
And inside of the tunnel is strength and fire protective and slowness and speedness and out of the tunnel is TNT don’t worry
I already tested the TNT and the barrier it won’t destroy the track
And at the starting area as you get to point A there is a dispenser full with speed potion and sometimes dropper too



Maybe have a option in ur Inventory to speed of ur car but has cool down timer?

I think potions will make the game lag because how alot of cars they in