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Chat glitch


Chat Glitch

Issue: when I talk to kim she doesnt respond I think I was muted by lbsg but I can still message just no one gets my message


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Hello @Saleem! This issue could be caused by a few things. Either you were muted by Microsoft, or you are experiencing the Minecraft ghost mute bug. If it is the bug you should be able to get rid of it by going on to creative mode, getting a sign, and writing some random letters on the sign until it is full. When you finish writing on the sign, move around a little and see if what you wrote is still there, if it isn’t you will have to try it again. Sometimes it takes 10-15minuts of doing this to fix it. Once you can see what you wrote on the signs, try talking in the chat to see if anyone can see your messages. If that doesn’t work there is another fix where you can go on to survival mode and basically do the same thing, but this time you need to get another player to hit you while you are writing on the sign. Not exactly sure why these fixes work, but I’ve gotten ghost muted quite a few times and this always fixes it for me. Also, just to be clear this bug effects players on all of the servers, as it’s something from Minecraft’s code, and isn’t something we can fix sadly, so be aware that it may happen again even after you fix it.

If neither of the above work, you may have been muted by Microsoft and will have to contact them to see about getting your mute removed.

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I will give it a try thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: I really want to be a mod and I tried contacting them they did not respond :confused:

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Wait for about 30 days and if you haven’t received a response it means you weren’t accepted, but you can still apply again. Just try to make your application better each time. :blush:

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I been doing the sign think and it just corrects my spelling one sign. Says tan = sin / cos and I have big ears I want cake ooooo you’re in trouble that was mean I m sad fiddle fiddle do error342 bears bears they got no cares no no no Santa likes cookies derpier than derpy claude Haha we knew you were going to write that yar yar yar moderators have been alerted a straight beats three of a kind buy VIP good to be alive right about now it corrects all random letters and makes these words



Conclussion I spam letters and it corrects my spelling it doesnt keep the words I put on sign is that normal ?



That’s probably the glitch. If it’s changing what you wrote to something else you have to keep trying until what you wrote shows up.

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Lol ok I will try and contact in 30 mins



Okay sounds good. If it doesn’t work on creative mode, try it on survival mode where someone hits you while you are writing.

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How do you get pet ocelot I have the xbox one and there is no option but I see people with ocelots btw ?



I believe that it was a limited edition pet that isn’t offered for sale anymore.

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Oh ok



It works kim replied

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