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Challenges for Skywars


I did this little fun challenge called the no armour challenge and it was kinda hard, it took me a couple times but I managed to beat it! Here’s the video https://youtu.be/mNn4RsPkF0s

Suggest me more challenges if you have any suggestions! :smiley:


Nice video! Do the no weapons challenge next. :blush:


I will try to do that but it may take a lot of times to complete. Thanks for the Idea! :smile:


Gotta try to lure them near the edge and then give em the boot! Lol! Good luck! I’ll be waiting. :laughing:


The hotkey reverse challenge:
Rebind the following keys:
Forward to S
Backward to W
Left to D
Right to A


Sorry but this is not possible for me to do this since I can only play on Xbox and Mobile. If you have other suggestions I will be glad to see them :slight_smile:


Try killing all the people in the match, that would be a great one to see.


A hard one! This will be very hard to complete since players can killed themselfs, leave the match, and get killed by other players, I will see if I can do this challenge. Thanks for the suggestion! :smile:


LifeBoat Skywars | No Weapon Challenge! |

Video: https://youtu.be/xb_TXIpd5aE

Suggested by @CrimsonDream89


Lifeboat Skywars | Killing Everyone! |

Video: https://youtu.be/IawY0EN9dFY

Suggested by @ohrangee567