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Castle wars (new mode)


Here is my idea.
in this mode, open a giant map, such as the latitude and longitude of the survival game maps and at one end of the map will be the blue castle of the blue team, and at the other end will be the red castle of the team the goal is defend an emerald block … but not only will you have to break the emerald block of the enemies, but you will also have to take the enemy emerald block to your castle, if the emerald block enemy is taken to your base, the enemy team automatically loses the chance to regenerate, but … if your enemies kill you, while you are loading the emerald block, the emerald block automatically returns to the base of the enemy castle. But … How are we going to defend that block? ? ? Well … there will be generators scattered all over the map and there will be 3 types of generators

  1. bricks: they will only be found at the base and there will be 2 generators of each per base.
  2. iron: they will be in an intermediate zone of the map and only 6 generators of these will be opened
  3. Gold: only opens 4 generators and will be located in the center of the map.
    these minerals will be used to buy a villager who will be at our base (the tent will be the same as the battles, but adapted to this game mode), also the survival games open the deathmach style, this will happen if the game is 20 minutes more.




As a forums moderator, Sath should have clarified that can not be added because of the EULA.

However, his old personality is still in him, which is a good thing to see :slight_smile:


Against the EULA


sath, then because in the other suggestions, you say “I want to help a lifeboat and that the vips must have something” I think you forgot the eula XD


I will eliminate it


If im honest its a good idea but not a easy one


It would be epic, but everything takes time, and I do not think the lifeboat will implement it on the server but it would be very original and epic




thought you left again lol, busy with real life?

Are u suggesting that as a name for the gamemode? If so, i think it would be pretty cool