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Can we make it so mods can’t view this?


Look, I get it. Mods check IPs and private stuff, but is there a way we can hide that? I don’t feel comfortable having teenagers looking at my email and IP, I rather have my information anonymous.


They won’t reveal your info to anyone. They keep it confidential. As far as I’m concerned of only staff can see your ip. I’m not sure tho.


I know they won’t, but still, I am rather paranoid at having people look at my private information, there should be like a terms or something discourse should make if you agree to it.


I don’t think they check IP’s that enormously. So, Its all good.


I don’t think that’s in LB’s control tho


I suppose it might be somewhat editable in the site settings somewhere (I’ll take a look later) but in any case as stated above we are very strict on our policy of not disclosing sensitive IP information. IP information also serves to allow us to deal with cases of ban evasion and alt misuse.

Many other sites store your IP and potentially allow people to see it, Lifeboat isn’t unique in this.


Use a VPN.


I was gonna say that. Lol.


wait mods can view our email addresses?


Not usually, that’s reserved for forum administrators.


That’s actually true. They blocked my IP when I was a trainee.


u broke ur grammar too




But I though they were never shared to the public


It might be worded weirdly then. For what it’s worth in the main option we have, it requires us to specially select something to actually see them and from my time here no emails have been checked in at least the last month or so. There’s also very few admins, they’re mostly certain staff, Serenity, and myself. Also your email is under the same policy as IP addresses, we’ll never disclose them.




So you can view our email addresses and our IP addresses…

Okay, there definitely needs to be a discourse Privacy Policy or TOS that you have to agree to in order to join.


That’d be a meta.discourse.org suggestion, I’ve taken a look around and so far haven’t found a toggle for showing IPs or emails.


Eh, lock this topic, there isn’t a need for it to continue. I have talked to discourse and I got my answer.


Can we take a look?