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Can we get more blocks on cm?.. please?


We still really want more blocks to build with on the cm servers :pensive:
I would love to hear from someone here, if it is even a possibility that we get more blocks to build with?

I now know of more daily players that will leave the server soon, because there is so few blocks…
And no hope in sight, that it will change anytime soon… :confounded:

I would like to know, just like the people I build with…

Do we get more blocks?

If yes… when? :thinking:

I know I made a post a couple of days ago, but I got no real answer so I’m trying again here, to try and keep the amazing builders on the server that might leave soon if nothing changes :pensive:



A lot of the devs don’t come on here very often.

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But someone should be able to answer my questions I assume :thinking:



I dont know if the moderators know what the plans are for future updates

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We don’t :confused:



I just want to know if I would be better of finding another server :confused:
Let’s hope a dev comes by sometime soon, so I can make up my mind whether to stay or move…



Only thing they couldn’t add would be redstone, cause it would cause massive lag, but has been new blocks added and mobs (probably couldn’t use mob eggs cause it would cause Iag also) I would also like to see crossbows added to cm that would be a good add on.

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I just need more blocks to decorate :slightly_smiling_face:
And less mobs!! There is alot when they can make my game lag :sweat_smile:

What should we need crossbows for? Its creative, no one can die xD



Because there a new item, you can say the same thing about redstone lamps there in the game and you can’t use them cause we have no redstone, also add sea lanterns other lighting blocks please xD