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ButtonedSnail32 FLYING IN CTF


Please include some basic information so we may help assist you in the correct manner.

Incident: Hacking

Username(s): ButtonedSnail32

Server: CTF

Attachments (if applicable):

*Hacking reports require video evidence.



@CrimsonDream89 My topics have not been dealt with, I created 3 hacker reports & they have not been dealt with for 22 hours, almost a day, what is going on?



@KillerOwl hackers reports should be done on the website since the forums are closing. I’m not sure if the admin are really reviewing reports here since they opened that up.

I’ll put this as pending, since the user does appear to to be hacking, and they should still be dealt with. Any new reports should be submitted at https://lbsg.net/report/.

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