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I hear some players want bounty hunter back on LB but I don’t know



I really can’t say if it will return or not, but the best thing players can do is post in suggestions. This really isn’t a support type issue.



:sweat_smile: sorry because I just want to do this Lifeboat is going down :scream: the rating of players is low if LB add better gamemode it can help Lifeboat back to 1st top server we know now thehive is 1st so sad :pensive:

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Bounty Hunter could bring back a lot of players if it was re-added to Lifeboat . . .
But in the process of removing it, they killed the community there . . .
And without the community, it will never be the same . . .



List some actual good reasons, then they’ll be convinced



I agree… There was a lot of abuse in my Pre-Teen childhood (before I was 13)



Actually, I was on CaptureTheFlag today and saw a ton of players, removal bounty hunter might’ve diminished the population, but the new updates are helping them to grow the server once again, Bounty hunter wasn’t the specific gamemode for the growth of the server, CaptureTheFlag and SurvivalGames were the most populated and well-liked gamemodes, now I’m not saying that other gamemodes are bad, but I’m telling you what I’ve seen from 2018, when bounty hunter wasn’t removed. Then again, it had a lot of glitches/bugs, I’m once again reiterating it. The server population wasn’t fully based on Bounty Hunter.



True, True. But a lot of Lifeboat players are disappointed in the removal of Bounty Hunter, and more in the removal of Survival Mode Pro.
They removed both of these gamemodes because of population counts.
See, what makes a server popular is dependent on two things: the community on that specific server, and the gameplay of the specific gamemode.
When an update isn’t added frequently enough, or moderator circulation doesn’t reach a specific area (gamemode), then the people one in love with that gamemode would quit, and in most cases, they just leave the network in general.
As for me, i can prove one example. Me. Ever since December 2018, I departed from the Lifeboat Capture the Flag community, (it was dead) and eventually departed from the network on January 7th, 2019 (including the forums). If you take a look into my posts, my most recent one was back a few days ago. I was up and alive during October, when the CTF community was still alive. I basically departed due to emptiness in the chat when I play CTF.
In my case, Lifeboat let the CTF community linger to death, and no one familiar plays it now. And apparently in the late summer (I believe) CTF is going to be empty, and eventually Lifeboat will remove it.

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If only lifeboat will bring bh back everyone will be playing it and theyre gonna like it again



lol no
BH had reasons to go. It was boring and bug abusers always find a dup glitch after the last ones been fixed. Not much people liked it, so it barely got any players. You need to take into consideration the people outside the forums, they have opinions to. Overall, It had to go.



Now most of the players are saying that we didn’t tried to improve the gamemode, which is fallacious\not true.

Improvements were being made, but then you can’t anticipate for a server to not have any glitches/bugs and when many people started abusing glitches and bugs, the gamemode itself became belligerent and volunteer had their full attention to bounty hunter and players got upset as they were clearing their inventories and a lot of things were changing, which they didn’t enjoyed it later and left. We couldn’t do much about it as the gamemode was dying and we had to bring some other gamemodes and updates, but again, bounty hunter can be back but developers have to revamp the gamemode. By revamp I’m saying, that it won’t be like what it use to be back when it was a gamemode. As for now, we aren’t looking forward or even paying much attention to bringing it back.

Players aren’t upset that much as updates are moving them up from the past removal of gamemodes. And, people are actually enjoying it, Developers are implementing your ideas which are helpful, useful and ruminative. Surprisingly, you guys do have these amazing ideas that convinced developers to implement.

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“Boring” clearly you dnt like the gamemode

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So did most of lb players, hence why it had so little player counts.

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Well lifeboat will add and delete it again

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No actually when I first joined lifeboat bounty hunter was most popular



No no lies they left because you patched duping when duping was a thing bh was popular like really popular



Duping was a major issue on bh up until it was removed, some duping methods were patched but more always seems to pop up… Personally I stopped playing on bh because of the duping. It made it almost impossible to get kills when large groups of diamond players were running around. I really think the duping was one of the things that ruined bh and caused so many players to leave.

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100% agree!



Duping was a real issue. But up til it’s demise…I know for a fact that on average there were over 200 ppl total on all BH servers. I’d check the LBSG App before joining a server to find one that was most populated. On average there was 3-4 servers with 40-60 players and nearly 5-7 more with at least 15-20 players. If you do that math on averages, there was always more players on BH, even at it’s end, than there are now on average playing SG or many other gamemodes.

And I’m all for bringing BH back, it was the only game I played…as frustrating as the duping was. But it was great. But I’m not exaggerating those numbers!



same. RIP