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Bounty Hunter!


Ok So they took it Down due to bot Enough people joining but It was always So popular But is there Any chance we could get them To bring it Back…?


I have very high doubts they will bring it back. Lifeboat has always been known to remove game modes that have become unpopular overtime, especially as they have demonstrated that more within the last couple years. I am almost certain they are also aware about the fact that players wish to see bounty hunter come back since it has been so highly requested ever since they removed it, but despite all of that it seems they have just chosen to not bring it back at all and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


You know what would be a good idea?

As a community we get together to fund and develop our own server with lifeboat classics, like BH, Fleet, the original sm, and so on.

Too bad it probably won’t happen


too much work. Plus LifeBoat uses their custom-coded “Steadfast 2” server software. To try and replicate LifeBoat would take ages and in the end would be pretty useless if no one would play on it since it wouldn’t be partnered with Minecraft.


Never knew that, interesting.

Just wondering, how do you know this?


It wouldn’t be unpopular because of this reason necessarily, there are a lot of small servers with a decent sized player base.


It’s been mentioned by staff in the past. I believe it’s some sort of fork of Pocketmine following what old posts have stated. They don’t keep moderation volunteers in the loop on it so it may have changed.


Yeah as He said It would be Useless but Im gonna agree with the old games Which were Extremely Fun😁


Ive done my fair share of server hosting and research on the subject. Steadfast 2 is private so the game would never be “exactly” the same


I agree to a degree. There are many servers like BRLNS, NetherGames. But the amount of advertising you would need to get the amount of people needed to fill a game online at the same time would be too much work unless it would generate some sort of revenue :smiley:


after doing some research. You might actually be able to download the server software. BUT LifeBoat would never give you their plugins that they used for BH (if they still have them).


Just found out ur @TheShermanTanker2, explains a lot :grin:

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It is A fork off pocketmine created by Hydreon according to https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Bedrock_Edition_server_software


You do you