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Bounty Hunter


Will Bounty Hunter Ever Come back…?
Can anyone Provide and Answer


I don’t really know the reason why the gamemode was removed but if more players request for the gamemode back, it may have a chance of coming back and I was really sad when the game was removed because that was the only place that I practice pvp.


The gamemode is not planned for a re-return, but it was removed due to the lack of players interested in the gamemode. The server needs to save space in order to bring new games and content across the network, and removing Bounty Hunter because nobody was playing it, keeps the cost down as they are not having to pay for extra server space, RAM, and CPU’s, that will not be getting used as much as the other servers on the network do.


Not true.


Actually, Bounty Hunter used to get around 100 - 200 players per day before it was removed.


Yeah. And we have arcade and adventure. Maybe because they are giving arcade a little life. But arcade mode is absolute GARBAGE.


Lol it is But i gotta Disagree the Mob Wars I forgot the Name is Pretty Fun


Zombie apocalypse