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Block party update


suggestion for the block party

Hello! block party they have not updated it after they added it and here is what I would like them to add

  • panel where to see the information of the game and the lobby.
  • new maps and map voting
  • That the game mode is at night.
  • new scenario in the maps (such as a cimetric drop to make the maps more different from each other)

and this would be everything, tell me your opinions.


I like them! Good suggestions!


Thanks :slight_smile:


Great suggestions :smile: I would definitely like to see one of them being a feature in the future of block party


I believe BlockParty is planned for some updates soon :wink: though, I am not gonna mention what out of the 4 suggestions you made, are planned to be released.


dishrex liked this :owo:


Hooo wow


Our own, the one and only @Hazard_DutchAD made that map :grin:


Is epic


He did?


Yeah, that was me ^w^


Damn! Well done :+1:t2::+1:t2:



I would like the players who lost to see the game in those things (without being invisible)


that is to say that when a player loses, he can enjoy the game watching him from that area


Espectator zone


Espectator zone


Espectator zone


I like the suggestion @pukipuki810 :owo:


The idea I had originally, was to allow spectators to walk along the edges of the arena. The would be visible, but the game would not detect them. They would have the option to go into spectator mode and enter the arena as a spectator, but when they exit spectator mode, they would be brought back to the walkway around the arena’s edge until the game / round ends.

The balcony’s are there to make it look more of a CruiseShip, as the reference I had for the cruise ship design was showing balcony’s on the inside, and the outside of the ship. I do like your idea on adding this, but if it was added I might want to edit the map to create rooms along each of those balcony’s, and hallways.