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BliZZard ❤ Fishy


This is something fishy.


i helped?


How to get a mod mad at you 101: ^^^



This is real news


no it isnt


I blame yearroundfun


@anon37482993 is responsible for this


what the freak



Remember when it said you were going to die by a rolling bale of hay.

That was funny.


I though it was the other way around.

@BliZZard & @Fishy was parents

Omg what is wrong with me. :confounded:




Nooooo I am not your parent xD


yes u r


The ship must live on before it dies in a car accident, so all they have to do is both Lordly and Fishy have to get in a car accident while holding hands, and it won’t kill them, but it’ll injure their hands thus killing the ship that’s held by them holding hands.


Not sure if thats a good idea or bad idea


You’ll kill the ship you hate :slight_smile:
But also it has a slight chance of killing you but let’s not think about that :slight_smile:


Blishy more like Blushy


Please let Blishy die



blishy will forever be alive


Blishy is overrated