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Before the Forum dies (along with the rest of the server) . . . .


I just heard today that the forums were gonna be removed a month from now, and what i see from this, yea just read the bulk of this post.

WARNING I am about to waste a good minute of your time if you decide to read this.

So now its the forums, going, along with Survival Mode Pro, Bounty Hunter, Adventure Mode, Windy Isles, and one other gamemode. And your main intention (intention of the one who decided to remove the forums) is to shift over most of the community discussions to the discord channel.

9 months later

But I need to ask. . .
Why remove the forums?
If you decide to remove the forums, then, Lifeboat will apparently die.
How? Not an easy-to-explain idea, but this is how.
Well, several reasons:
Most of the people on the Lifeboat Discord Server aren’t really active anyways:
Lots of people (including me) were never really active on the Lifeboat Discord server, and, well, removing the forums . . .
It just won’t work
The reporting system on the forums:
The fact that you require evidence to report hackers, spammers, swearers, and other offenders makes it E.Z. to report people in general, and basically its easy for false reporters to be caught in the act of lying. But remove the forums and . . .
rip the reporting system.
You’ll be seeing false witnesses of preassumed hackers, and the fact that the way moderators handle things is fairly bad, there will be hackers everywhere on Lifeboat, people stop playing and start going to Mineplex or Hive or CubeCraft, and Lifeboat dies.
I mean, what plans are in place for a new reporting system after the forums are removed? You (LB devs) just gonna ripoff Hive and put “In-game reporting”??
There’s no way the reporting system is staying in place when the forums are being removed.And with no reporting system, it is explained above (gotcha if you didn’t read the whole thing).
More moderators on the Discord server:
I think . . .
Well, with more moderators on the discord server, the way a mod handles cases could differ greatly and just as each member of the server differs, things may not go too well. I am aware of keeping small moderator count could be key, but, with more moderators, the more inconvinencies happen with false reporting and blah
In general, the removal is pretty similar to how Survival Mode Pro got removed
It should be a pretty obvious fact that the Lifeboat Discord server has a larger population compared to the forums. But even if you want to shift the community, why remove the forums? Its not gonna help the dying server in any way, and rather, make Lifeboat die faster.

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I’m not disagreeing completely with what you’re saying, but we did add a reporting method through the website at lbsg.net/report if you want to take a look.



Lifeboat is already dead lol.

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Never knew, but how would people know about this website?



It’s in the announcement topic here and probably somewhere else on the website.



Lifeboat will be adding some new channels to the server, where old forum members can chat there. Remember there are countless ways to report or suggest things. The only downside to that is that the community can’t take note of that as well and discuss it. Anyways, those are some pretty good points.