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BedWars Spawner Update


BedWars Spawner Update


The last BedWars update (Bye bye waiting time! (on BedWars)) is currently going out to all BW servers!

With that update, the clay/iron/gold spawners changed a bit as well though.
Now, when you’re 4 blocks close to the spawner, it directly adds the item to your inventory and doesn’t drop it. That means, multiple players get the item if they’re close enough to the spawner! (We had this feature before, but removed it. Now it’s back!)

The spawners also show you their level now. If you didn’t know, you can actually upgrade spawners.
Just tap on it.


I hope these features bring more fun into the game.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!


I hope ctf will be the next update!


Plz put golden apple with brick cost like 40 or 2 iron ingots!! it’s very hard to regenerate


You just made BW perfect…Idk how BW could get any better


Now I definitely need to check it out, sounds awesome!


Let’s go cupcakes. We are gonna ditch hypixel


Can you make now so that when somebody beaks a bed sight pop up leave


Now I can play bw and have fun
Good job


What do you mean?


Well you know what else lifeboat used to have. 30v30 CTF (the good old days)

Add that back too


Next update will be How to craft your bukkit.


I think he means that now they should fix when a team breaks a bed that pop up on the screen leaves


I’ve fixed that already, should also be in this update.




It doesn’t even show for me. (The text itself)


Are you using a resource pack? Maybe try it without one.




He JUST said a few days ago he would ask the team about that, or 20v20.
Please be patient for their answer.


Small Update

In the next few days, there will be an update on BedWars that will prevent players from building bases in the air.
You will be getting damage after being somewhere high for a certain amount of time, then you’ll have to go down somewhere again.

We also removed the tools that VIP have been getting at the beginning of the match, this was just not noticed by us. Thanks for telling us about this!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.


About chests in bw I can’t open none of them