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Bad usernames not allowed!? And somone saying bad###



Please include some basic information so we may help assist you in the correct manner.


Username(s): (prefer not to say) also somone was trying to say bada## It is : PrestoMammel406

Server: bw1

Attachments (if applicable):


Image sent by averageryhme2


Sorry for so many images i couldn’t tell anything so i had to spam images so sorry, i wanted to have easy way to do this :frowning:

If preston isnt dealt, thats okay.


Thanks for the report, the player will be dealt with shortly.


ridiculous. badass isn’t even that bad of a word.
lifeboat needs to set their priorities straight.



@rice_oppa, apologies but we don’t allow posting in Support topics that aren’t your own. If you have some feedback to give, we’d love to hear it and feel free to create a new topic with any concerns and constructive criticisms.