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Ask Caspian: Be featured on an upcoming Lifeboat video!


Hello, it’s me, Caspian! You guys might have seen me already on twitter or on discord! But, if you haven’t seen me around, Hello, I’m Lifeboats new addition to the Content Creator Team! I’ll also be streaming Friday @4:30 PM EST on the Lifeboat Channel! Catch ya there! :sailboat:

Since I’m new here I would like all of you to get to know me! You, the players, get to ask me questions! Your questions may also be featured on next weeks video!

Here are some rules:

Ask any question relating to me, Ensign, or about Lifeboat in general

Make sure the question is understandable

Nothing vulgar, inappropriate, etc.

Have fun asking questions!

I’ll be answering these on the next video, so be sure to ask your best questions!

~Admiral Caspian :sailboat:


Ask Caspian question 1: Would you rather:

  1. Troll would you rather
    *Troll Fishy
    *Fishy trolls you…

  2. Correcting hackers
    *Correct them by using hack
    *Ban them with a sign Poopy hack

2nd question
Who would you be with
*Monika (DDLC jokes)

3rd question: Truth or dare

If truth
Do you really like lifeboat?

If dare
I dare you to troll FMBistrol nicely!


What’s the greatest part of LBSG. sorry hard question


What game mode will be updated next and when?


What’s your favorite gamemode? Why?


Question 1:

Will lifeboat ever come back to the java edition?

Question 2:

Do you like pirates?

Question 3:

Are you a pirate?


How long have you been sailing the seas for? :sailboat::ocean:


do u eat seafood


Do you eat salt


How did you come with your backstory? And would you consider making stories on the forums and why?
Iam asking this because about a year ago the forums was lively and everyone was making posts every 5 seconds, some posts were stories they made and continued, anyways ill try and join the stream i hope you recognize me :smiley:


if i eat myself will i be twice as big or disappear






Do you have an actual boat?
If so can you sail it? (Make sense?)
Can you fish?
Do you like Finding Nemo?
Do you like the dog in my pfp?
What server are you most likely to be seen on?
What’s your favourite meme?
Know what time 4:30pm EST is in GMT?


can u teach me to scaffold


Why 4:30 why not, You know.
Then I can attend it :smiley:


Also dont you outrank Ensign :joy:


Does anyone ever get seasick?


I did when I first found out about this “crew” :joy:

Nah jk


What’s your job on the crew? What does Ensign get you to do?