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I am sorry to hear this! You always were one of the nicest moderators in my opinion. I understand how you could have gotten mad at lifeboat, since it definitely isn’t perfect, yet I’m definitely glad you apologized. Lifeboat isn’t perfect, but for some, it’s all we got, and a little criticism could possibly improve the server. Again, I’m sorry to hear you quit the volunteer group, and I hope you consider staying in the community.


I loved every bit of it


The last most entertaining thing that happened here is when diamonder revolted, and that was almost 2 years ago. It was entertaining watching, I didn’t even say anything in both of the topics, I just watched it go down hill. If I said anything about what lifeboat has done and what they aren’t doing, I probably would’ve sparked a war, and judging from my past on here, you guys know how easy it is for me to do that. But seriously, 34 people online? That was mad!

We are entering the uprising, rebellious age of the forums. To sum it up, 2019 is the exact opposite of 2016. Though what made this fight special is that it was the ex-volunteers getting their voice in this. Literally everyone from the past jumped in to this one conversation, (enderdragon was there as well) and all of them were in agreement of the horrid change lifeboat has gone through. I am a little bit sad that it went this way, a lot of these people were my friends, old people I knew, but I am also happy because there isn’t going to be much close-mindedness as there used to be. People, even some volunteers, are now having their voice in this. Though Sparkles was in the wrong of starting a chaotic rant, she did open some minds about the situations which I can respect.


diamonder was not ok

threatening suicide on a Minecraft forum is wow


I miss that dude, I never found out why he left until right now


I remember him. Lol.


Well judging by what cubistry and Killian said in their replies we can kind of figure it out.


I was joking ohrangee. :joy:
I deleted it after you replied because I knew it would be taken serious…


He’s still around sometimes on Fishy’s Discord server


That’s good to hear


Who? DiamondDav?





I believe you arrived to this forum a bit late after his departure, he did some things that I am not proud of, or should I say, we did some things we may not have been proud of. He was one of my closest friends here, but me and him were like a troublemaking duo, we would always start drama unintentionally, and it got so bad to the point where he got suspended and I got the “Derogatory message” from Jacob. For those who don’t know what the derogatory message is, it’s basically like a final warning message, except unlike all other messages, it had a red envelope rather than a white one.


I’m confusion what post is sparklesb talking about


The one that @Galactic_Storm told her to post where she criticized lifeboat but in an unprofessional manner. Honestlly no one cares anymore and she should just come back and continue hanging around and having fun with the community.


She won’t, which is such a shame. She was such a vital aspect of the community, with her gone, things feel so…different now.

The community has changed so much since I got here. Lifeboat will never be good again, and things will just never be the same.


Bit late, but by the way that’s not a “final warning” message, that’s just the normal official warning. We tend to give non-official ones first but it is possible to get several official warns.


Really? Because Jacob told me if I continued ranting one more time I would get a suspension. Things may have changed, especially with the new staff that came,


Can I ask how that is the case?


Are you jealous or something Catloath? Lol.