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Only highly educated people (those who are taking up law, research, basically any work that needs high vocabulary) may use heavy words for work only and not for communicating because using such words might mislead the reader reading your reply, causing unwanted drama.

Being a volunteer doesn’t mean you may use such really heavy words to communicate with us… be natural.


I already mentioned their meaning in the bracket.

I like using high vocabulary myself, not because I’m in the volunteer team. I don’t do it very often nowdays.


It’s still recommended (required imo and tbh) to use light words when communicating. I know that you used parentheses (not brackets that’s different) to tell the meaning, but it’s not enough to prevent misunderstandings.


Hahaha, your vocabulary choices make me giggle.


Don’t go off topic please, this topic isn’t about my vocabulary, I don’t want this topic to be locked or unlisted.

Thank you.

EDIT: I did some changes, I don’t know if that will help, but that will make things a bit easier…


Ehh, if you want people to stop poking fun of your vocabulary, you have to stop.

Any more message regarding to Neon’s grammar that passes the line will be disregarded.

Line is there ^


No offense Neon… but why can’t you use the words in the brackets instead?


I just did, and please don’t go off topic again… I don’t want her topic to be locked/unlisted.


okay sorry


I’m just gonna eat popcorn here and see how this one goes :popcorn:


Another reply regarding vocabulary and using heavy words by Neon is getting this post locked.


Thank you so much.


There’s a mute option in the forums. If anyone bothers you, just mute them. You don’t have to reply to every post targeting* you.


Please tell me about this more in dm. Dm me.




Stop causing drama on my apology topic, especially when it’s apologising for fuss I’ve created.


Like me too, I was a strong ranter of my type, yet I gave the heartiest of apologies when I have the heart too, even if it’s online.


very nice :clap:


top ten saddest anime deaths


though I have to say that this entire drama thing was the most entertaining thing that has happened to this forums for quite a while