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Anyone on xbox help me?


So on my xbox one, there is a person who friended me and messaged me, im tired of people sending me friending me without my premission, they continue to spam invited.


Block them.


Nuke them


Blast them Crab Rave


Just kidding


Send ransomwares to them


no im not BLOCKING em, thst takes FOREVER, i want option to DISABLE them to FRIEND me.


This is a viable option


start an apocalypse and let the zombies wreck his setup :smiley:


or better.

Code a virus onto a flash drive and give it to him as a present. When he plugs it in, his setup overheats, crashes, then explodes, destroying the whole neighborhood :sweat_smile:


there might be something in your privacy options to modify who can invite you to games/friend you an such. idk i remember seeing a few options when you go to change the privacy settings to like adult/child/custom and i think you can change it around there but im not sure im not with my xbox atm


It was so exasperating, it happened to me as well…


If you go to Your Account settings You can manage who invites you or Totally Disable all invites


Solved by @CrimsonDream89 thank you, finally no more people friending me.